8 popular trade show giveaways

Top 8 Trending Trade Show Giveaways for Engaging Exhibitors and Visitors

Date: 17th March 2022

Trade shows provide an excellent platform for businesses to interact with potential customers and showcase their latest products and services. Among the various strategies employed by exhibitors, trade show giveaways have proven to be a highly effective method for attracting attention and creating a lasting impression. Offering freebies not only triggers positive emotions but also keeps the company’s name at the forefront of attendees’ minds. In this blog, we explore the eight most popular trade show giveaways that exhibitors are customizing to entice and engage their customers.

1. Luggage Tags: Practical and Stylish Travel Companions

For frequent flyers and busy executives who attend trade shows regularly, luggage tags are the perfect giveaway. These practical items not only make their journeys smoother but also promote the company’s logo wherever they travel. The utility and visual appeal of these tags make them a top choice among attendees.

Personalized Luggage Tags That Make Great Gifts for Travelers
Personalized Luggage Tags That Make Great Gifts for Travelers

2. Reusable Shopping Bags: Eco-Friendly and In-Demand

In a world that’s increasingly conscious of environmental issues, reusable shopping bags have become a modern-day necessity. Offering foldable and eco-friendly canvas tote bags or compact shopping bags that attach to key rings are thoughtful gestures that attendees will genuinely appreciate.

3. Custom Pens: Simple Yet Always Welcome

Despite being one of the most common giveaways, advertising pens remain a crowd-pleaser. A well-designed pen that writes smoothly and bears the company logo finds its way into people’s everyday lives, making it a valuable promotional tool.

Advertising pens
Advertising pens

4. Key Rings: Functional and Personalized Keepsakes

While some consider key rings as a fashion statement, others simply appreciate a practical and attractive key ring to replace their old ones. Offering free, stylish key rings emblazoned with the company logo can be a delightful giveaway that ensures brand visibility in everyday life.

5. USBs: Indispensable in the Digital Age

The ever-present USB drives are a staple in today’s tech-driven world. Attendees will eagerly pick up a free USB as they can never have too many, considering how frequently they get shared and misplaced. A well-designed and branded USB will always garner attention.

6. Trade Show Giveaways – Kid-Friendly Gifts: Delighting Families and Parents

A thoughtful gesture towards attendees who may be away from their families, cute plush toys or kid-friendly giveaways appeal not only to children but also to the young-at-heart adults. These gifts may not be as utilitarian, but they undoubtedly leave a lasting positive impression. Cute plush toys will always be popular giveaways for parents… as well as for the big kids amongst us! They may not be as useful and practical in the long term as other giveaways but, if they keep the kids happy while your client enjoys a glass of wine with his/her partner, they’ll thank you for it!

Lovely chef teddy bear plush toy
Lovely chef teddy bear plush toy

7. Disposable Disinfection Wet Wipes and Paper Towels: A Practical and Safe Choice

As hygiene and cleanliness are paramount concerns, providing disposable disinfection wet wipes and paper towels adds a practical touch to the giveaway selection. Attendees will appreciate these items, knowing they can use them easily and conveniently.

8. Trade Show Giveaways – Carbon Fiber Key Organizer: The Ultimate Utility Gadget

For a more high-end giveaway option, a multifunctional carbon fiber key organizer is an excellent choice. By offering a compact and efficient solution to managing keys, this gadget showcases the company’s commitment to practicality and innovation.

best key organizer
best key organizer
Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber has witnessed rapid development and wide application in numerous fields due to its high axial strength, good fatigue resistance, and thermal properties. Its versatility makes it suitable for aviation, aerospace, automotive, environmental engineering, and many other industries.

The Perfect Trade Show Giveaway

A successful trade show giveaway starts with selecting an eye-catching item that entices visitors to the booth. By offering giveaways that cater to people’s actual needs, whether at work, during travel, or in everyday life, exhibitors can effectively promote their brand and leave a lasting positive impression on attendees. Embracing eco-friendly and practical gift choices demonstrates a company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and customer care. In conclusion, these eight popular trade show giveaways have proven to be successful in engaging both exhibitors and visitors. By considering attendees’ preferences and requirements, businesses can create a positive impact while effectively marketing their brand during trade shows.

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